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On the road to gaining your first flying licence, the Private Pilots Licence (PPL), there are many requirements that need to be fulfilled.

The minimum age to get a PPL is 17, but training can commence at 14, solo flights can be conducted from 16 years old.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires that, If you don’t already hold a licence, you will need to complete 45 hours of flight instruction on aeroplanes, including at least:

   25 hours of dual flight instruction,
   10 hours of supervised solo flight time

This includes at least 5 hours of solo cross country flight time with at least 1 cross country flight of at least 150 NM that includes full stop landings at 2 aerodromes different from the departure aerodrome.

You will need to complete a skill test after you have completed all the flying requirements.

In addition 9 ground school exams ensure student have the necessary theoretical knowledge base to safely operate as the pilot in command.

   Air law
   Human performance
   Principles of flight
   Operational procedures
   Flight performance and planning
   Aircraft general knowledge

Other requirements include a medical certification from an Aeromedical Examiner (AME), A class 2 will do for a PPL.

A  Radio Telephony (RT) certificate will also be required.

If English is not your primary language, then a language proficiency certificate may also be required.

We offer in-house ground school training to help you towards your theory passes and can point you in the direction of the nearest AME.

The PPL syllabus is a robust but logical progression of lessons, aimed towards systematically expanding your knowledge of aviation in an easy to digest manner. The first lessons will introduce you to the basics of how an aircraft is controlled and how its systems are laid out. While later lessons will focus increasingly towards the rules of the sky and getting from a to b.

The aim of all this training is to make you a safe member of the aviation community, while having fun along the way.

Isle of Man Flight Training operate a Cessna 150 as our primary training aircraft. This aircraft is an excellent choice as a training aircraft, with superb visibility and straight forward design, this workhorse can easily handle the wide range of exercises that students will perform during their training.

At the club we can also provide every piece of equipment you might need from your first flight to your test, and beyond. Take a look at the store for information on our range of supplies.

Still not sure? While not give it a try for yourself, Trial flights offer a chance to see if flying is the thing for you.
Click Here for contact details to arrange a taster flight.
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