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Here in the Isle of Man, all visiting aircraft MUST be accepted by an airfield tenant or club for the duration of their stay.


At Isle of man flight training, we offer a full handling service for aircraft up to 3 tonnes MTOW.  Our aim is to make your visit as smooth and efficient as possible, while keeping costs to a minimum.  Our service is unmatched by anyone else at the airport.


We can arrange onward travel by taxi or if you book a hire car through our partner agency, Ocean Ford, we can have it waiting for you on arrival.  We can also assist In booking hotel accommodation, with preferential rates where possible.   

We will also collect all airport fees and complete all airport administration on your behalf, so you can just get on and enjoy your visit.


We are located on the southern end of Ronaldsway airport, in manoeuvring area Whiskey.


PPR is not required to visit the isle of man. A GAR form however, is required for both arrival and departures, submitted at least 12 hours before departure, to iomflightgar@gov.im in addition to your local requirements.


During the TT races, on race days only, an ATC Arrival slot is required due to the high volume of arriving and departing traffic. We can arrange a slot for you by completing the form below. If you already have a slot, please provide the reference number in the comments section. If you do not have an arrival slot, you may be refused zone entry.


Handling Request Form


TT 2018 :  Practice week: Saturday 26th June - Friday 1st May

Race days: 2nd, 4th, 8th, 10th June 2018


While booking handling in the isle of man, be sure to book your table at the Two-Six Restaurant, For great food and a vibrant atmosphere barely a 1 minute walk from the parking area.