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Trial lessons give you the opportunity to take the controls of a light aircraft and fly it for yourself. Not only is this a unique experience, it will also help you decide if learning to fly is what you want to do. If learning to fly is not for you, you can still experience the thrill of flying a plane and view our beautiful island from above.


All flights are flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you want the first lesson of many, or to fly a plane over your own home, we can make it a reality.


All lessons are inclusive of a full flight safety briefing, to acquaint you with all of the safety features and procedures, and sufficient time to to fully ready the aircraft for its flight. As a result each trial lesson includes 15 minutes of ground time.


If you are considering buying a trial lesson as a unique and memorable present for a birthday of Christmas present, we offer gift vouchers which our valid for 6 months, that are sure to surprise your loved ones and can be used at their convenience within that time period.


While there is no age limit on the recipients of these trial lessons, we advise that all students are tall enough to at least see out of the windows.  You are more than welcome to view the aircraft to make sure prior to purchasing your lesson.



Cessna 172
40 Minutes
60 Minutes
Customised times are available on request.

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