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Welcome to Isle of Man Flight Training, where your journey to become a pilot begins.

Our highly professional Instructors understand that everybody’s needs are unique to themselves and will tailor your training program accordingly, ensuring you are fully equipped with everything you will need to progress into the world of flying as a confident and qualified pilot.

We are always happy to have a one to one chat over a coffee to answer any initial questions you may have, and to show you around the school and aircraft that we currently operate.
Isle of Man Flight Training is a dedicated training organisation whose aim is to help you enjoy flying for pleasure, or training for advanced licence ratings.

Some people may feel that learning to fly is beyond their capability, but this is certainly not the case. All it takes is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. You need no other qualification.

A PPL course can be completed in as little as six weeks on a full time basis, although, as most people learn to fly in their leisure time, it can take around six months to a year. The only limitation on the time scale is your own available time. It is worth bearing in mind that if a longer period is left between flying lessons, it may take a few more hours to achieve the proficiency required for the flight tests at the end of the course. One thing that all Private Pilots learn though is patience. The weather may not be suitable at the time you have booked your lesson but this gives you the opportunity to complete some ground school work or ask any questions of your instructor.
“I had an amazing time on my trial lesson! The flight training crew are great! I was given the opportunity to fly the aircraft for a while and loved it! Ian was a great instructor and explained everything thoroughly from the moment I stepped in the aircraft. Mark was also great answering all my questions after the lesson! After what I experienced today, I am definitely considering my Private Pilot Licence. Highly recommend Flight Training!”
Jack Baggaley

“Had the best time with these guys! I was surprised with a flying lesson for my 30th and from what I've heard from my partner booking and setting me up was so easy with this team! The lesson was brill, loads of flying myself and loads of chances for photos. Thank you!”
Kezia Sproule-Craine

“My son Jake this week had the most amazing day, thanks to Brett, Mark & Alex.
Jakes dream came true, he got the chance to do a full day at the flying club with the lads, and loved every minute. Can't thank you all enough, Jakes still buzzing now. ✈✈”
Lisa Hodgson
“I had a brilliant time Ian the pilot was very professional but fun. He made my flight an experience to remember. I would recommend this if you want some to keep a memory of a good time. The weather was excellent and flying the plane myself was amazing.”
Jayne Reid
Not sure if flying is for you? Why not give it a try for yourself, Trial flights offer a chance to see if flying is your thing. Click below for contact details to arrange your taster flight.
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